Grow Your Own Fresh Produce:

Bring the Beauty and Bounty of Nature to Your Backyard

The easiest way to garden!

Introducing our premium 8' by 4' cedar raised garden beds, perfect for anyone looking to grow fresh, healthier fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Kits available for $350,

Professional installation INCLUDED for $500

Fits almost anywhere!

Our 3'x6' garden bed, crafted from beautiful weather resistant cedar. The elevated design allows for optimal drainage and the compact size makes it perfect for any backyard or patio. Just the right size for an herb or 'salad' garden. Enjoy fresh, organic produce within arms reach!

Kits available for $229,

Professional installation and veggies INCLUDED for $379

A Better way to experience food

Better for you

The perfect size to keep all your produce within arms reach, and less bending over than an in-ground garden bed.

Better for your plants

The elevated design allows for optimal drainage and helps to prevent soil compaction, making it easier for your plants to grow.

Better for your family

Homegrown fruits & veggies have better nutrition, better flavor, are better for the environment, and you'll feel great harvesting from your own back yard!

Better for your busy schedule

Rich garden soil and compost, a natural weed barrier & mulch layer, and rot resistant cedar means your garden beds are ready on day 1, but it also means less watering, weeding, and maintenance throughout the growing season!

Hear From Our Clients

These guys knocked it out of the park, highly recommended.


Bob Monk
Happy Client

Such a great company, making the environment better by starting at the source.


Dylan Prueitt
Happy Client

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